Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda, Philippines – How You Can Help

Typhoon Haiyan Philippines

Just one of many photos of the impact of Typhoon Haiyan

You have probably all seen images of destruction in the Philippines and preparations in Vietnam on your TV screens.  A few days ago, I spent 3 days talking to representatives of several hotels in the Philippines at World Travel Market in London about working together in the future.  The atmosphere was very positive with little sense of what was to come.  Many of those hotels and their employees are likely now to be caught up in the effects of Typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda, as it is known locally).  The people I was talking to have flown back into a disaster zone.

Whilst the Philippine Government had prepared better for this super typhoon than storms in previous years but there is nothing any government can do to protect its citizens from the effects of the most powerful storm ever recorded to hit land.  With the typhoon 300 miles wide, as many as 10,000 may have lost their lives in the province of Leyte, alone, and the trail of destruction across Leyte and more westerly islands, such as Cebu, is horrific.  The destruction of homes and other buildings is on a massive scale and the people left behind, many of whom have lost their homes, desperately need help – clean water, food, sanitation and other basics that those of us in countries that don’t suffer such extreme weather take for granted.

What can you do to help ?  Governments around the world are sending assistance and are also starting to prepare to get teams into Vietnam, should they be needed there.  But government help alone, whilst welcome, is like a sticking plaster – it will not get sustained help to those places and people that need it most.  The following are the main organisations appealing for your contributions now to help them provide the assistance most urgently needed:

If you can help, please don’t hesitate.  For the Red Cross, please check your country’s local number or online options – we could only locate for the U.K. where we are based.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We have never before used our blog for this kind of purpose but it seems to be the least we can do to make contact with our network alongside the efforts of many other publications.

Please share this post amongst your own contacts – not for our benefit but to help the people of the Philippines for whom these organisations need every penny or cent possible now.


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