SmartOtels and Supranational form International Partnership

SmartOtels and Supranational Hotels

Matthew Brooks of SmartOtels seals the deal with Cho Wong, Managing Director of Supranational Hotels.

SmartOtels has formed a strategic international partnership with Supranational Hotels, the world’s leading provider of hotel distribution technology. The deal enables SmartOtels to offer membership of Supranational Hotels to hotels and resorts around the world* whether or not they chose to be represented by SmartOtels.

This announcement also opens up opportunities for some of the 800 hotels around the world which are currently members of Supranational to make use of SmartOtels’ other services, which include help and advice on distribution, revenue management, operations and online marketing.

“We are delighted to be partnering with SmartOtels to bring cost effective GDS and representation opportunities in destinations for corporate business” says Catt McLeod, Director of Business Development, Supranational Hotels.

Matthew Brooks, co-founder and CEO of SmartOtels, says: “Membership of Supranational Hotels provides independent hotels and resorts the opportunity of fully competing at an international level with the major chains, giving them exposure to a global audience through Supranational Hotels’ GDS connectivity, growing network of online travel agents, travel agency consortia and major corporations.”

“We bring our Corporate Business Development in alongside SmartOtels, whose services complement our GDS Representation offering with their sales representation tailored to each hotel, principally targeting the leisure market.  With Supranational and SmartOtels working side by side, hotels get the best of both worlds,” says Catt McLeod.

Being at the forefront of distribution technology, Supranational Hotels is an ideal partner for hotels, resorts and apartments. For example, the company is piloting a project to translate hotel data on the Pegasus Hotel Content Database into Chinese and is pioneering a connection with the TravelSky network in China, the world’s fifth recognised GDS provider.

“We feel that this partnership is a good strategic move for hotels and resorts we are connecting with at a time when GDS business, previously written off by some industry commentators, is showing signs of growth, with rising sales and revenues reported by many UK and worldwide agents,” said Matthew.

Joaquin Cababie, co-founder and COO of SmartOtels (currently based in Bangkok) said:  “Partnering with Supranational Hotels enables SmartOtels to offer 3 options to hotels and resorts:

1.  Take full advantage of the benefits of being represented by SmartOtels and Supranational Hotels side by side.

2.  Appoint SmartOtels to represent the hotel but retain any existing GDS representation.

3.  Take up the opportunity for Supranational membership through SmartOtels without using SmartOtels own representation services.

This is in line with our core belief that the exact same solution is not necessarily right for every hotel, which is why SmartOtels focusses on tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of each hotel.”

Launched earlier this year, SmartOtels provides a range of affordable sales representation services for hotels, resorts and destination management companies. Focusing, primarily, although not exclusively on destinations in Asia, the company helps clients to compete against the large chains in major markets such as the UK and Europe. Currently SmartOtels represents hotels and resorts in Bali, Indonesia and has network partners in Brussels, Belgium and London.  It is to announce further properties shortly.

(this is expanded version of a Press Release issued to Travel Press at London’s World Travel Market on 7th November 2013)


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