SmartOtels is in Vietnam !

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Joaquin Cababie of SmartOtels arrived in Vietnam yesterday, ready for the start of the 9th International Travel Expo ( ITE ) taking place from Thursday 12th September in Ho Chi Minh City and ahead of a tour of the country and region over coming weeks to visit potential partners of SmartOtels in this rapidly developing destination for U.K. and European tourism.

This is the first trip outside the E.U. undertaken by SmartOtels since its formation in June 2013 and follows intensive discussions between Joaquin and prospective partners of SmartOtels for our sales representation and other services in the U.K. and European markets.  Joaquin is working out of the SmartOtels office in Ho Chi Minh City kindly hosted by Tony Tien Huynh of One World Tourism Co.

Joaquin Cababie at ITE Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Joaquin Cababie at ITE Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam today.

Joaquin said: “Vietnam is a country with 2,025 miles of coastline, many stunning white sand beaches and some really great beach and inland resorts, as yet largely undiscovered by tourists from the U.K. and Europe.  With a rich history and culture, there is a real diversity for Europeans to discover, as highlighted in The Huffington Post recently.  With our networks in the U.K. and European travel industry, we can be confident of delivering an excellent ROI to hotels and resorts here.”

SmartOtels has been developing at speed since it’s launch, which has generated a very significant amount of buzz around the travel and hospitality world on LinkedIn and Twitter, especially.  As a result of this growth, Joaquin arrives in Asia able to offer a very much wider range of services than most hotel sales representation companies can, partly through the development of SmartOtels Trusted Associates – 10 independent but trusted colleagues able to offer services ranging from SEO to PR to web site and graphic design and HR services.

Simultaneously with announcing Joaquin’s arrival in Vietnam, SmartOtels are delighted to announce that Anja Eckervogt, Manager, Tourism for Tomorrow awards of the WTTC, has joined SmartOtels Trusted Associates to provide advice on Best Practice in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism to hotel, tour operator and corporate clients alike.

Matthew Brooks, co-founder of SmartOtels with Joaquin said:  “Coming just a week after we announced the management of our first London property, we are delighted to be announcing Joaquin’s visit to Vietnam.  SmartOtels’ ability to approach these two distinct aspects of our business simultaneously illustrates the capability, strength and synergies that we have been able to develop in a very short period of time.  I am confident that we shall be making some very positive announcements arising from Joaquin’s trip very soon.”

Whilst you are waiting for further news here from Joaquin, you can follow his day to day experiences in Vietnam, and beyond, on SmartOtels new Tumblr blog.


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