Shock News for Hotels and Resorts..

shock news for hotels and resorts from SmartOtels

Shock News for Hotels, Resorts and DMC’s

In a surprise move that stunned hoteliers and destination management companies around the world today, representation and consultancy service SmartOtels announced the launch of their web site at, In a single move, this replaced the forward to this blog and leaves you, our reader, having to follow or bookmark the blog separately to stay fully up to date.

No, we really don’t take ourselves that seriously but we needed to catch your attention and give the Google and Bing Analytics teams a headache !

Aside from being (we think) stunningly attractive, the new web site brings together, for the first time, all of the reasons why SmartOtels appeals in ways that no other representation service does:

Please do also bookmark the web site – it is at an early stage of development and we anticipate updating the site really soon with more features as well as the addition of hotels, resorts and DMC’s, as we conclude discussions currently taking place.

If you would like to see your hotel, resort or DMC enjoy the ROI that can come from being represented by SmartOtels in the U.K. (and some European) markets, please do get in touch with Joaquin or Matthew.

We welcome any feedback about the web site – in the comments below or by e-mail to us – to help us develop the site into the useful resource we fully intend that it should be, whilst also highlighting the strong commercial partnerships that SmartOtels is busily putting in place.  In the meantime, put on the kettle – we’ll have a nice cup of tea.

Joaquin Cababie                                             Matthew Brooks                     

+44 (0)778 925 1395                                       +44 (0)7808 068 282


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