‘Trusted Associates’ Revealed..


SmartOtels Trusted Associates

We have all been there:  you have a Consultant helping you out with Marketing and he or she has come up with a great idea that needs a Graphic Designer to implement, but your Marketing Consultant doesn’t have anyone, so you need to separately hire someone else.  Or you have a Revenue Management Consultant on board who recommends that your web site needs search engine optimisation, but you need to source somebody else for that.  Perhaps you have even been put off using consultants because you need to go to a set of different companies.  We can’t all be experts at everything, can we ?

When we were putting SmartOtels together, Matthew Brooks and Joaquin Cababie determined to revolutionise things and came up with “SmartOtels Trusted Associates” – experts providing the services you may need whom we know and trust to provide the standards in their own fields that SmartOtels are recognised for.

Since the launch of SmartOtels we have been talking to experts in many fields whom Matthew Brooks or Joaquin Cababie have come to know in our many years of travel and hospitality industry experience.  We are able to announce the first SmartOtels Trusted Associates today.  These are:

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing, Website Optimisation and Design:

Madhukar Shah – LTH Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Website Hosting, Website Design:

Jorge Soria – Hispanaweb

PR/Media Relations, Media Training, Content, Event Management:

Caroline Murdoch – Redworks PR & Marketing

Photography and Film for Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Real Estate:

Jack Hardy

Graphic Design:

Sofia Cababie

Human Resources Essentials, Business and Change

Neil Fell – Silverleaf Human Resources Consulting

More SmartOtels Trusted Associates will be announced quite soon but this already significantly widens the range of services that SmartOtels can offer you – and, in most cases, all within one invoice, if that’s what you prefer.

With such a collection of expertise and talent, you may be dreading the impact on your bottom line.  Here’s something that SmartOtels Trusted Associates is not:  it is not a scheme that inflates charges for services that you could arrange direct.


  • Does Not charge Trusted Associates for that status.
  • Does Not supplement Trusted Associates charges to you.
  • Does Not charge Trusted Associates a commission

Unbelievably, perhaps, you get the services of these experts at their normal fees.  The quotations you receive will come from the relevant Trusted Associate and not from SmartOtels.

Why do we spend the time sourcing and recommending these experts to you for free ?  We simply want to make things simpler for you by making SmartOtels the One-Stop Consultancy.

Now we think that’s SMART !

For more information, contact:

Matthew Brooks                                                Joaquin Cababie

matthew@smartotels.co.uk                               joaquin@smartotels.co.uk

07808 068 282                                                 0778 925 1395


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