Idyllic Luxury Hotel – Guests Wanted !

SmartOtels hotel presentation

Smart Representation for your hotel with SmartOtels

So, you have spent a lot of money developing or acquiring a unique luxury hotel or apartments in a known, or less well known, resort and you feel – with good reason – that you are set to attract excellent business.  This will give you the enormous satisfaction of welcoming clients to something you have built or bought yourself, instead of your past career spent working for somebody else.

Whilst you believe in your luxury hotel or luxury villa and the unique experience it offers there is just one point nagging your mind: how will you push it forward to markets a long way away from where you are ?  You understand that what’s needed is not just one e-mail or phone call but that you need to have someone visit tour operators, travel agents and corporate clients on a regular basis – that business is built through relationships over a period of time.

At this stage, you have invested huge sums and you certainly cannot afford to employ someone in a distant country whom you cannot supervise – the salary for anyone qualified would be too high and there is the cost of renting an office, phones and all the day to day operational costs.  It’s prohibitive and your dream seems to be teetering on the brink.

You don’t need to worry any more because there’s a SMART solution:  SmartOtels understand your needs and are experts in all aspects of hotel, apartments and villa marketing.  Joaquin Cababie and Matthew Brooks are well known figures in the hospitality and travel industries in the U.K. and we can develop sales by representing your property to the very tour operators, travel agents, corporate clients and more in the U.K. that you want to reach without you incurring exorbitant cost.

Better still, because SmartOtels understand that not every owners’ needs in terms of marketing and other help are the same, we have produced 3 packages that you can pick from – Bronze, Silver and Gold.  From the basic task of visiting tour operators and travel agents on your behalf on a regular basis through to arrangements that can include undertaking social media marketing for you and even giving detailed advice on revenue management expertly and uniquely for your property, SmartOtels has the right solution for you.

We charge a very reasonable monthly fee based on the use of our own office, phones and so on, as well as reasonable expenses for visits to agents.  As SmartOtels are based in London, these costs are often negligible.  Because we represent other properties aside from your own, we can keep the costs much lower than would otherwise be the case – even if you have multiple properties.  We account for expenses and report to you on our visits to clients on a monthly basis too, so that we can discuss any suggestions on changes we may need to make to the marketing campaign for you.

With SmartOtels you can get your dream back on track – you can look forward to welcoming a growing number of clients and start to realise that all important return on your investment without incurring the huge costs you were worrying about.  If that sounds SMART to you, contact SmartOtels right away !

Joaquin Cababie                                             Matthew Brooks                     

+44 (0)778 925 1395                                       +44 (0)7808 068 282


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