SmartOtels Launched !

Imageit was an exciting day for us – Matthew Brooks and Joaquin Cababie – on Wednesday 26th June when we finally launched our exciting new consultancy service for serviced apartments and hotels (and related businesses).

Years of accumulated experience, 3 years of contact back and forth, 6 months of meetings and discussions and a week of SmartOtels LinkedIn company page development – all to arrive at the beginning !  But we firmly believe it is the beginning of a unique service with great potential and prospects for the future.

SmartOtels brings together the individual talents of two well known figures in the hospitality business but we go a major step further in offering clients a One Stop Consultancy Service with SmartOtels Trusted Associates.  So you can get not only what we ourselves can cover but also the talents of a much wider range of services all under one umbrella and, usually, one invoice.

You can reach us easily and we’ll be very happy to discuss any projects you may need help on to develop your business to its full potential.  That’s what we are here for.

Matthew Brooks                                                Joaquin Cababie                     

07808 068 282                                                 0778 925 1395

That’s enough about us.  This blog is intended to give you a source of news and ideas and we very much welcome your comments and feedback to help this work for you.


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